Below is a list of MAASTRO related publications for which we host supplemental data online.
Year Authors Title DOI
2012 Emmanuel Rios Velazquez, Hugo J.W.L. Aerts, Yuhua Gu, Dmitry B. Goldgof, Dirk De Ruysscher, Andre Dekker,... A semiautomatic CT-based ensemble segmentation of lung tumors: Comparison with oncologists’ delineations and... 10.1016/j.radonc.2012.09.023
2015 Cary Oberije, Dirk De Ruysscher, Ruud Houben, Michel van de Heuvel, Wilma Uyterlinde, Joseph Deasy, Jose... A validated prediction model for overall survival from Stage III Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: towards survival... 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2015.02.048
2016 Yue Cao Advanced MR Imaging Protocol for Glioblastoma 10.17195/candat.2016.03.1
2017 Heike Peulen, José Belderbos, Matthias Guckenberger, Andrew Hope, Inga Grills, Marcel van Herk, Jan-Jakob Sonke Atlas for the delineation for organs-at-risk in NSCLC 10.17195/candat.2017.04.1
2016 Daniëlle B.P. Eekers, Erik Roelofs, Urszula Jelen, Maura Kirk, Marlies Granzier, Filippo Ammazzalorso, Peter... Benefit of particle therapy in re-irradiation of head and neck patients. Results of a multicentric in silico... 10.1016/j.radonc.2016.08.020
2013 Georgi Nalbantov, Bas Kietselaer, Katrien Vandecasteele, Cary Oberije, Maaike Berbee, Esther Troost, Anne-... Cardiac comorbidity is an independent risk factor for radiation-induced lung toxicity in lung cancer patients 10.1016/j.radonc.2013.08.035
2014 Hugo J. W. L. Aerts, Emmanuel Rios Velazquez, Ralph T. H. Leijenaar, Chintan Parmar, Patrick Grossmann, Sara... Decoding tumour phenotype by noninvasive imaging using a quantitative radiomics approach 10.1038/ncomms5006
2017 Arthur Jochems, Timo M. Deist, Issam El Naqa, Marc Kessler, Chuck Mayo, Jackson Reeves, Shruti Jolly, Martha... Developing and validating a survival prediction model for NSCLC patients through distributed learning across... 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2017.04.021
2016 Qing Cheng, Erik Roelofs, Bram L.T. Ramaekers, Daniëlle Eekers, Johan van Soest, Tim Lustberg, Tim Hendriks,... Development and evaluation of an online three-level proton vs photon decision support prototype for head and... 10.1016/j.radonc.2015.12.029
2018 Daniëlle BP Eekers, Maarten Lambrecht, Petra De Witt Nyström, Ans Swinnen, Frederik WR Wesseling, Erik... EPTN consensus-based guideline for the tolerance dose per fraction of organs at risk in the brain 10.17195/candat.2018.01.1
2021 Laurien De Roeck, Hiska L van der Weide, Daniëlle BP Eekers, Erik Roelofs, Esther GC Troost, Maarten Lambrecht EPTN consensus-based toxicity scoring standard for the follow-up of adult brain and base of skull tumours... 10.17195/candat.2021.09.1
2017 Daniëlle Eekers, Lieke In T Ven, Erik Roelofs, Alida Postma, Esther G Troost EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas 10.17195/candat.2017.08.1
2022 David Hofstede, Dario Di Perri, Erik Roelofs, Alida Postma, Esther Troost, Daniëlle Eekers EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas (INCA) instruction videos 10.17195/candat.2022.02.1
2021 Daniëlle Eekers, Dario Di Perri, Erik Roelofs, Alida Postma, Esther Troost EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas - 2021 Update 10.17195/candat.2021.02.1
2013 Cary Oberije, Esther Troost, Michael Eble, Paul Bulens, Philippe Coucke, Katrien De Jaeger, Philippe Lambin EuroCAT Umbrella Protocol for NSCLC 10.17195/candat.2013.08.1
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2013 Erik Roelofs, André Dekker, Elisa Meldolesi, Ruud G.P.M. van Stiphout, Vincenzo Valentini, Philippe Lambin International data-sharing for radiotherapy research: an open-source based infrastructure for multicentric... 10.1016/j.radonc.2013.11.001
2015 M.L. Bongers, D. De Ruysscher, C. Oberije, P.Lambin, C.A. Uyl-de Groot, V.M.H. Coupé Multi-state statistical modeling: a tool to build a lung cancer micro-simulation model that includes... 10.1177/0272989X15574500
2018 Daniëlle BP Eekers Optimization of Brain and Head & Neck Radiotherapy 10.17195/candat.2018.12.7
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2015 Aniek J.G. Even, Judith van der Stoep, Catharina M.L. Zegers, Bart Reymen, Esther G.C. Troost, Philippe... PET-based dose painting in non-small cell lung cancer: Comparing uniform dose escalation with boosting... 10.1016/j.radonc.2015.07.013
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