EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas (INCA) instruction videos

David Hofstede, Dario Di Perri, Erik Roelofs, Alida Postma, Esther Troost, Daniëlle Eekers
Ten new organs at risk (OAR) were recently introduced in the update of the EPTN neurological contouring atlas (Eekers, 2021, doi:10.17195/candat.2021.02.1): amygdala, caudate nucleus, corpus callosum, fornix, macula, optic tract, orbitofrontal cortex, periventricular space, pineal gland, and thalamus. These are thought to be associated with cognition, vision, or radiological changes after irradiation of the brain. Accurate delineation of these OARs on a large scale is essential to gather dosimetric data usable as input for normal tissue complication probability models.
In this context, educational movies were developed in order to facilitate the contouring of these OARs and to reduce inter- and intra-individual delineation variability. The movies are designed to be used by all the professionals involved in contouring. Each movie describes the anatomical limits of one of the ten new OARs and provides tips & tricks to help with common difficulties faced during delineation.


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Hofstede D, Di Perri D, Roelofs E, Postma A, Troost EG, Eekers DBP
EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas (INCA) instruction videos
CancerData, 2022; doi:10.17195/candat.2022.02.1