EuroCAT Umbrella Protocol for NSCLC

Cary Oberije, Esther Troost, Michael Eble, Paul Bulens, Philippe Coucke, Katrien De Jaeger, Philippe Lambin

For the EuroCAT project, a research protocol that describes a standardized data collection for non-small cell lung cancer was written and has been approved by the Medical Ethical Board of our hospital. A copy of the protocol and the appendices, including scoring of side effects, quality of life questionnaires and optional biobank procedure can be downloaded below. Patient information and the informed consent sheet are available in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Chinese).

It is allowed to adapt the documents, so that they match the requirements of your hospital and country. You can either collect data in your Electronic Medical Record System or use the eCRFs, that have already been created by us, and which are also freely available. It is also possible to publish your own “ready to use” protocol online and let other institutes participate in your research.

Please find all data below. If you leave your email address at the right of the screen, we can contact you if an updated version of the protocol is available.