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A list of Datasets presented on CancerData is given below.
Authors Title Year of Publication DOI
R.T.H.M. Larue; L. Van De Voorde; J.E. van Timmeren; R.T.H. Leijenaar; M. Berbee; M.N. Sosef; W.M.J. Schreurs; W. van Elmpt; P. Lambin Data from: 4DCT imaging to assess radiomics feature stability: an investigation for thoracic cancers 2017 10.17195/candat.2017.05.1
S. Walsh; E. Roelofs; P. Kuess; P. Lambin; B. Jones; D. Georg; F. Verhaegen Data from: A validated Tumor Control Probability model based on a meta-analysis of low, intermediate, and high-risk prostate cancer patients treated by photon, proton, or carbon-ion radiotherapy 2015 10.17195/candat.2015.10.8
D. Eekers; E. Roelofs; U. Jelen; M. Kirk; M. Granzier; F. Ammazzalorso; P.H. Ahn; G.O.R.J. Janssens; F. Hoebers; T. Friedmann; T. Solberg; S. Walsh; E.G.C. Troost; J.H.A.M. Kaanders; P. Lambin Data from: Benefit of particle therapy in re-irradiation of head and neck patients. Results of a multicenter in silico ROCOCO trial 2016 10.17195/candat.2016.04.2
A. Jochems; T.M. Deist; I.El Naqa; M. Kessler; C. Mayo; J. Reeves; S. Jolly; M. Matuszak; R.Ten Haken; J. van Soest; C. Oberije; C. Faivre-Finn; G. Price; D. De Ruysscher; P. Lambin; A. Dekker Data from: Developing and validating a survival prediction model for NSCLC patients through distributed learning across three countries 2017 10.17195/candat.2017.02.2
Q. Cheng; E. Roelofs; B. Ramaekers; D. Eekers; J. van Soest; T. Lustberg; F. Hoebers; H.Paul van der Laan; E. Korevaar; A. Dekker; J. Langendijk; P. Lambin Data from: Development and Evaluation of an Online Three-Level Proton vs Photon Decision Support Prototype for Head and Neck Cancer - Comparison of Dose, Toxicity and Cost-Effectiveness 2015 10.17195/candat.2015.10.5
D. Eekers; E. Roelofs; M. Cubillos-Mesias; C. Niël; R.Jan Smeenk; A. Hoeben; A.W.H. Minken; J.H.A.M. Kaanders; P. Lambin; E.G.C. Troost Data from: Intensity-modulated proton therapy decreases dose to organs at risk in low-grade glioma patients: results of a multicentric in silico ROCOCO trial 2018 10.17195/candat.2018.05.1
K. Panth; T. van den Beucken; R. Biemans; N. Lieuwes; M. Weber; M. Losen; A. Yaromina; L. Dubois; P. Lambin Data from: MMP2 small immuno protein antibody uptake in xenograft tumors is associated with MMP2 activity 2015 10.17195/candat.2015.10.6
B. Reymen; M.W. van Gisbergen; A.J.G. Even; C.M.L. Zegers; C. Oberije; F. Mottaghy; M. Das; A. Yaromina; W. van Elmpt; D. De Ruysscher; L. Dubois; P. Lambin Data from: Nitroglycerin in non-small cell lung cancer: does it impact tumor hypoxia and tumor perfusion? A window-of-opportunity clinical trial. 2016 10.17195/candat.2016.07.2
S. Carvalho; E.G.C. Troost; J. Bons; P. Menheere; P. Lambin; C. Oberije Data from: Prognostic value of blood-biomarkers related to hypoxia, inflammation, immune response and tumour load in non-small cell lung cancer – a survival model with external validation 2016 10.17195/candat.2016.04.1
A. Even; O. Hamming-Vrieze; W. van Elmpt; V. Winnepenninckx; J. Heukelom; M. Tesselaar; W. Vogel; A. Hoeben; C.M.L. Zegers; D. Vugts; G. Van Dongen; H. Bartelink; F. Mottaghy; F. Hoebers; P. Lambin Data from: Quantitative assessment of Zirconium-89 labeled cetuximab using PETCT imaging in patients with advanced head and neck cancer - a theragnostic approach 2016 10.17195/candat.2016.11.1
J. van Timmeren; R.T.H. Leijenaar; W. van Elmpt; B. Reymen; C. Oberije; R. Monshouwer; J. Bussink; C. Brink; O. Hansen; P. Lambin Data from: Survival prediction of non-small cell lung cancer patients using radiomics analyses of cone-beam CT images 2017 10.17195/candat.2017.02.1
P. Lambin Radiomics Digital Phantom 2016 10.17195/candat.2016.08.1