Overview of CancerData publications

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A list of Protocols presented on CancerData is given below.
Authors Title DOI Year
Laurien De Roeck, Hiska L van der Weide, Daniëlle BP Eekers, Erik Roelofs, Esther GC Troost, Maarten Lambrecht EPTN consensus-based toxicity scoring standard for the follow-up of adult brain and base of skull tumours after radiotherapy 10.17195/candat.2021.09.1 2021
Daniëlle BP Eekers, Maarten Lambrecht, Petra De Witt Nyström, Ans Swinnen, Frederik WR Wesseling, Erik Roelofs, Esther GC Troost EPTN consensus-based guideline for the tolerance dose per fraction of organs at risk in the brain 10.17195/candat.2018.01.1 2018
Vincenzo Valentini ULISSE: Umbrella protocoL ISSue for oncological patiEnts 10.17195/candat.2016.09.1 2017
Yue Cao Advanced MR Imaging Protocol for Glioblastoma 10.17195/candat.2016.03.1 2016
Cary Oberije, Esther Troost, Michael Eble, Paul Bulens, Philippe Coucke, Katrien De Jaeger, Philippe Lambin EuroCAT Umbrella Protocol for NSCLC 10.17195/candat.2013.08.1 2013
Johannes A. Langendijk, Phillipe Lambin Standard Follow Up Program For Head And Neck Cancer Patients 10.17195/candat.2012.01.1 2012